Monday, May 24, 2010

walk with me

    Today was the last day of my hubby's vacation, which was a bummer! We made the best of it though by heading to the park w/ squeaky to catch some bubbles & run about !  It was pretty great , & at one point Saya turned to me as we were walking across the soccer field & said "mommy hold my hand" ..It felt awesome to hear & I gladly obliged ! Mason was quick enough w/ the camera to catch it! It just was such a wonderful feeling to have my little girl who's flexing her independence more & more reach out like that!  I'm going to treasure these little moments & cherish every one ! :D

& ps...yes I really am that pale!!


Mrs. Macready said...

I thought I was pale but yo went ahead and posted yourself and made me feel a bit better ;)

I'm getting a spray tan this week. I have to go to Arizona and wear a damn bikini, I can't handle a horrid burn this time.

punk rock michelle said...

ha ha ! I'm glad that I could help! I did tanning one summer but, my older sister got skin cancer so I've been a loyal sunblock user since then. One of these days I should try out the spray tan..I'm just afraid that I would look orange like the Jersey Shore girls ! lol!

Anonymous said...

That is too sweet. I love it when they reach for you.

punk rock michelle said...

thanks Lauren! It's pretty nice to be reminded that they still need you/ or want you around when they start thinking they can do it all themselves :D