Friday, May 28, 2010


     This coming week is our city's dairy parade .  I would normally not even bother w/ it alas, it's not an option for us! My hubby's company always has a float & the family is always expected to take part..never mind that said family is lactose intolerant.  The 1st year that I marched w/ him in the parade I was 7 months pregnant & very uncomfortable. I thought it was just b/c I was so pregnant . ..oops I was actually in pre-term labor the entire time...Which we got under control asap once I figured out what the real problem was! Last year was Saya's 1st year in the parade & we weren't even sure what she'd make of it but, she seemed thrilled..I think that she thought all of the people had turned out to see her :D It was pretty easy for us too..She was happy either in her stroller or in the Ergo carrier b/c she wasn't yet walking . We just had to keep her in drinks , snacks , & other entertainment . This year , on the other hand,  will be a whole new experience! She's up & going now..& isn't happy w/ being worn anymore :( Sitting in the stroller for a long period of time  isn't her idea of fun either so she's going to get restless no doubt!  It's certainly not going to be safe for her to be running around in the street & we will be required to line up long before the parade actually starts so , there will be some boring wait time too!  I don't want her & us going mad b/c she's cooped up , but, I want her to be safe too! Has anyone else ever been in a parade w/ a toddler ? Do you have ANY ideas for how to make this fun for her too? I'd really like it if we can all enjoy it this year as well ! Thanks in advance! :D 



♥ Fanged Faerie Girls ♥ said...

I have never went to a parade but I did go to a local festival with my toddler. She was not walking at the time, she just started last week and we just made sure to take a couple snack/relax/potty breaks and brought a couple toys for her to play with.

She was good most of the time and only got cranky when she was tired. I am not sure what other advice to offer but good luck!

punk rock michelle said...

thanks mama! It went better than we thought it would ! She was an angel :) We got lucky , I think !