Friday, July 30, 2010

5 years ago today :D

arriving in my house drawn carriage , fairy tale style
I do!
our wedding was lemon flavored & oh so awesome!
after the gorgeous outdoor ceremony

cheers !

our 1st dance as a married couple

Thursday, July 15, 2010

to be continued Thursday

& rather than drone on & on I'll just overload you w/ pics of my darling daughter ! She'll be 2 on Friday so, I'm taking a look back ..yesterday I looked at the 1st 12 months & now for the second 12 :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wordless Wednesday

In just a couple days my sweet baby girl will be two! I can hardly believe it! Starting w/ my baby bump the day before I delivered here's a look at the first year of her life. Stay tuned tomorrow for 12-24 months ..I didn't want to do a picture overload :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

3 freak outs & a wedding

                     What a weekend!  2 dear friends of ours got married on Saturday! Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner w/ practice at the church for all of the members of the wedding party . My sweet husband was in the wedding so we went along. I was really looking forward to it ! There were even other kids my LO's age there for her to play w/ !   I truly thought that it was going to be a fun night!   I was pretty much mistaken! Saya was excited to put on her pretty dress but, once we got there & we tried to go into the church itself she FREAKED out . It was bad! She kept yelling "go back to the car & make it go vroom vroom!"  She pretty much had a full on panic attack & I took her back outside to play in the grass & blow bubbles. Even that didn't keep her happy for long & before long she insisted that we go back to the car . I had no choice. I took her to the car & we colored pictures.   After the rehearsal was over we all went up the street to a really neat Scottish restaurant . Sadly Saya was still feeling out of sorts so I was sequestered to the "children's table" w/ her..someone had to take care of her & my hubby had wedding type drinking beer to attend to .  I tried to make the best of it , even though frankly I'm starved for adult interaction as it is !
                     The next day was the wedding itself & I was hoping for the best and thrilled for our friends. Mason had to leave early to ride in the limo w/ the rest of the wedding party.   After a long car ride squeaky & I finally arrive at the wedding & manage to find a parking space. I'm prepared for battle ..armed w/ coloring books, lollipops etc. I really wanted this to work.  As soon as the car stopped Saya started saying "go back, go back to the car & make it go vroom vroom!" *sigh* I put her in her stroller & proceeded . As soon as that church was in sight she started crying , yelling , screaming , & freaking out again ! I had told her that we would see daddy there b/c he was supposed to be out front greeting people. Too bad, the limo ran out of gas & the wedding party was still in the back so daddy was no place to be seen! I tried the lollipop. It didn't work. I tried giving her almost everything in my purse but , the yelling & crying didn't stop. We stood outside for a while before someone finally told me where I could find the groomsmen. I hoped that seeing daddy could at least stop the screams of "go see daddy!' Despite the glares from the mother of the groom & others I went around the back of the church w/ my screaming kid. She almost calmed down but, then they had to take pictures & we had to go back outside.   I wanted to cry too now! I really didn't want to miss this wedding . I tried for a while to convince her that it was ok to go in but ,instead she became the unofficial greeter at the wedding that just screamed at all the incoming guests & said "go back to the car &make it go vroom vroom!" & of course everyone there stared & whispered w/e they had to say!  I gave up sadly & took her for a walk & finally back to the car. :( I didn't want to ruin someone's wedding or torture my obviously freaked out child anymore.  So, here's some pictures of the ceremony from our car.. Saya colored & I tried my best not to be sad.   Thankfully from where we parked I could see the bridesmaids coming out the back of the church & knew when it was over.   I took squeaky to the front of the church w/ me to at least watch them come out which she was fairly ok w/ b/c everyone was blowing bubbles . She even got to get down & run around in the grass w/ her buddy .   We tried to take a nice family picture but, she wasn't having that either. *sigh*   The reception wasn't too terrible thankfully! We did get to sit w/ her friends & even though Mason had to be at the head table we managed to have some fun!  Once the dance floor opened up she tore that thing up w/ a vengeance !   Everyone loved her at the reception & she was back to her bubbly , happy self! thank goodness!   After all of the running around wildly though she tired out & after a few hours there she wanted to go back to the car for "milkies". She fell right asleep & the fun was over for me too..I wanted to stay & celebrate but, instead I had to pack it in & go home w/o my darling husband b/c he still had wedding stuff to do. I was sad to have missed so much of the celebration but, a mama has to make sacrifices for her child sometimes.  That's my story..I'm hoping we don't have any more weddings anytime soon , or at least any church weddings .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wordless Wednesday

Uh oh! I think that she's figured out how cute she is! Lord help me!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's that time of year again , you know the one where we as Americans celebrate our freedom . I've always found it odd to celebrate with a loud choreographed display of explosions . It always makes me think of the bloody & violent battles that so many died in .  I think of all the poor people living in war zones that must see no pretty lights but, hear repeated explosions. Maybe that's the idea.  I'm certainly no expert. 
     Last year we missed the fire works & we weren't too sure that Saya was ready yet anyway.  This year she was treated to a small fireworks show at the St. Anthony's festival  & LOVED it!  In fact, she was very upset when it ended & hasn't stopped asking to see more "sparklies" since then! In our area we have 3 different shows to choose from for the 4th of July . We intend on going to at least 2. Why shouldn't we , it's cheap family fun & Saya adores it! Last night was the 1st one & it was amazing!  You may notice that squeaky looks very upset in the first pic, that's b/c she was mad the show hadn't started yet . This girl loves her explosions what can I say? I was worried that it would be too loud but, she loved it & kept yelling "BOOM  BOOM BOOM SPARKLIES!" We even managed to catch her "war face" on camera in the pic where I'm holding her! She's too much sometimes!
  The parking lot was a mad house when we left , you know 3000 other cars is never a great thing . We just hung out in the car sang songs  & played .  She was so good ...but, she did keep asking for "more sparklies, PLEASE! " lol..I've got a surprise for her tonight ..more fire works & in the meantime she can keep practicing her newest word -pyrotechnics ! <3 
hope everyone has a safe & fun holiday :)