Tuesday, May 18, 2010


   Yesterday was a sad day for music! Ronnie James Dio passed away after a battle w/ stomach cancer. For those of you who don't know who Dio was ..(& I find it hard to believe that there are very many!) He was the front man for bands like Black Sabbath , Rainbow, Heaven & Hell, Elf & his own creation DIO!  You've heard it .."Holy Diver" "Rainbow in the Dark" etc. Classic heavy metal ..not to be toyed w/! He was a rock legend ! He was also noted for being the one to start the trend of "throwing the horns" ..which you can see him doing in the picture above.
     He also just happens to be from my hometown! Right down the street from me is the street named in his honor! The house on the corner of that street   is the one that he grew up in! My father in law was in a band w/ him, long before he was famous!  He was pretty upset by the news.  I actually sorta met him once ..If you can call it that !  I used to work in a local music store! Dio was obviously one of our big  sellers & the owner of the store was friends w/ him so, when he was in town at one point he stopped in . I was introduced & I could only force out a meek hi...I'm such a dork! I just remember thinking "holy cow, the biggest voice in rock & roll is like 5 ft tall..maybe! " Seriously, I mean no offense to the man..but I was very shocked by that!   Alas , I digress.. Today on our way home from the park we walked by the street sign named for Dio & noticed that a few memorials have been placed..more were there later but , I didn't have my camera handy..I just thought it was touching ..People also lined the fence next to the house w/ red roses for him!  He will be sadly missed!  He was a legend , not only in rock & roll , but also to everyone in this city that ever wanted to do big things..He was our proof that it was possible!
RIP ..Ronnie James Dio


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