Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pool Party Baby!

                           The last few days it's been nothing short of 90 degrees outside & inside on the 2nd floor..forget about it! This heat was unbearable for all of us , so I sprang into action & got one of those inflatable pools for squeaky!  I couldn't blow the darn thing up myself but, thanks to my awesome hubby , it was up in no time! Our little patch of grass was ready for a bit of fun finally ! I just had to convince our neighbors to let me use their hose to fill it , or I'd be hauling jugs of water ..many jugs of water. I must have looked desperate enough b/c they agreed :D  Saya had such a blast splashing around & throwing cups of water at me & our cat ! As soon as she woke up from her nap she insisted that we go back out to the pool! I have a feeling that we'll be spending a lot of time out there ! I'm not too worried , I found a partially shaded spot & we've got lots of SPF 70 sunblock on hand for our pale skin...& it's way too much fun to watch her play! :D

Friday, May 28, 2010


     This coming week is our city's dairy parade .  I would normally not even bother w/ it alas, it's not an option for us! My hubby's company always has a float & the family is always expected to take part..never mind that said family is lactose intolerant.  The 1st year that I marched w/ him in the parade I was 7 months pregnant & very uncomfortable. I thought it was just b/c I was so pregnant . ..oops I was actually in pre-term labor the entire time...Which we got under control asap once I figured out what the real problem was! Last year was Saya's 1st year in the parade & we weren't even sure what she'd make of it but, she seemed thrilled..I think that she thought all of the people had turned out to see her :D It was pretty easy for us too..She was happy either in her stroller or in the Ergo carrier b/c she wasn't yet walking . We just had to keep her in drinks , snacks , & other entertainment . This year , on the other hand,  will be a whole new experience! She's up & going now..& isn't happy w/ being worn anymore :( Sitting in the stroller for a long period of time  isn't her idea of fun either so she's going to get restless no doubt!  It's certainly not going to be safe for her to be running around in the street & we will be required to line up long before the parade actually starts so , there will be some boring wait time too!  I don't want her & us going mad b/c she's cooped up , but, I want her to be safe too! Has anyone else ever been in a parade w/ a toddler ? Do you have ANY ideas for how to make this fun for her too? I'd really like it if we can all enjoy it this year as well ! Thanks in advance! :D 


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wordless Wednesday

   While we were out & about today , I saw a LOT of pregnant ladies!  In this heat I don't envy their condition one bit!  I did make me think & admittedly I got a bit nostalgic .  I was 7 months pregnant about this time 2 years ago & what a belly I had. Notice the tattoo on my tummy too, it got bigger & bigger & is a hot mess now....oh well she's worth it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

walk with me

    Today was the last day of my hubby's vacation, which was a bummer! We made the best of it though by heading to the park w/ squeaky to catch some bubbles & run about !  It was pretty great , & at one point Saya turned to me as we were walking across the soccer field & said "mommy hold my hand" ..It felt awesome to hear & I gladly obliged ! Mason was quick enough w/ the camera to catch it! It just was such a wonderful feeling to have my little girl who's flexing her independence more & more reach out like that!  I'm going to treasure these little moments & cherish every one ! :D

& ps...yes I really am that pale!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

zoo trip..good / bad ?

     Earlier this week , the whole family went to our local zoo.  It's been a nice week b/c the hubby has been home w/ us all week on vacation! We actually made it more of a stay-cation but, w/e it's been awesome!  I'm so torn about the zoo though! I love it on one hand b/c it's so amazing to be able to see all of the animals up close & it's a great educational tool to teach our daughter about all the animals that she loves so much.  I can also appreciate that they do help w/ animal breeding programs to help threatened species rebuild their populations. I also know that many folks learn a great deal about our world & hopefully leave w/ a new respect & love for this planet by visiting the zoo.. Alas, the animal rights side of me disdains the zoo! I can't help but feel badly for the animals in their cramped quarters, & unable to roam freely in their natural world! Perhaps it's b/c we always go on a hot day, but the animals often look miserable & uncomfortable. It breaks my heart in a million different ways.  My husband calls me a bleeding heart...a lot, probably for reasons like this.  I hope to teach my little one more about animal rights when she is old enough but, I guess for her to understand those animals we may have to visit the zoo..sometimes..
How do you feel about the zoo? Am I the only one w/ these mixed feelings? 
& more about the good times we had a the zoo & lots more pics soon to follow 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wordless Wednesday

Squeaky was working hard on her latest creation..which was done using finger paints & a paint brush...She insisted on the brush & did quite well w/ it..So far, she appears to be an Impressionist :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


   Yesterday was a sad day for music! Ronnie James Dio passed away after a battle w/ stomach cancer. For those of you who don't know who Dio was ..(& I find it hard to believe that there are very many!) He was the front man for bands like Black Sabbath , Rainbow, Heaven & Hell, Elf & his own creation DIO!  You've heard it .."Holy Diver" "Rainbow in the Dark" etc. Classic heavy metal ..not to be toyed w/! He was a rock legend ! He was also noted for being the one to start the trend of "throwing the horns" ..which you can see him doing in the picture above.
     He also just happens to be from my hometown! Right down the street from me is the street named in his honor! The house on the corner of that street   is the one that he grew up in! My father in law was in a band w/ him, long before he was famous!  He was pretty upset by the news.  I actually sorta met him once ..If you can call it that !  I used to work in a local music store! Dio was obviously one of our big  sellers & the owner of the store was friends w/ him so, when he was in town at one point he stopped in . I was introduced & I could only force out a meek hi...I'm such a dork! I just remember thinking "holy cow, the biggest voice in rock & roll is like 5 ft tall..maybe! " Seriously, I mean no offense to the man..but I was very shocked by that!   Alas , I digress.. Today on our way home from the park we walked by the street sign named for Dio & noticed that a few memorials have been placed..more were there later but , I didn't have my camera handy..I just thought it was touching ..People also lined the fence next to the house w/ red roses for him!  He will be sadly missed!  He was a legend , not only in rock & roll , but also to everyone in this city that ever wanted to do big things..He was our proof that it was possible!
RIP ..Ronnie James Dio


Friday, May 14, 2010

Bloggers w/o makeup

ok here goes nothing ...
When I heard of bloggers w/o makeup I thought ..hmm not my cup of tea, but I kept thinking about it! After giving it some thought I said "why the heck not?" I sorta cheated b/c my cute baby girl is in the picture to distract & I didn't take a new pic just grabbed a makeup free shot that I already had...w/e ..The premise is still the face is NAKED! 
   I've been thinking about this quite a bit for the last 24 hours or so & it's kinda odd that I do wear as much makeup as I do & as often as I do ( everyday pretty much!) Most crunchy mamas like myself don't really use much but, maybe I wear so much b/c of the way I was raised? Who knows? I can tell u that my 11th, & 12th birthday parties were both Mary Kay parties thanks to my mother. I'm not sure if she thought I needed makeup or just wanted me to use it better *shrugs*  I was a VERY awkward pre-teen & towered over my peers by a long shot! I stood 5'6" already at 11 & by 12 , I was 5'8"..I had some pretty epic self esteem issues b/c of this & pretty much felt like an ogre next to other kids my age. It was hard not to feel huge & weird so I tried to make up for it by using make up & trying to make myself look better..eventually I obviously gave up on fitting in & let it roll  .& let me tell you that I went thru some pretty fancy stages w/ my makeup & really wish that I had pictures handy to give you a laugh! When I was about 14 I used black eyeliner & LOTS of it..I basically had raccoon eyes ..I don't know what I was thinking..soon after I went to blue & black lipstick..ahh the goth stage..Already being pale as all get out & obsessed w/ vampires by 15 I was using pure white liquid makeup w/ white face powder..funny thing is didn't look that different from my skin tone at the time. Eventually I got my act together & now can do my makeup in 5 minutes  & not look like a scary weirdo least no one has mentioned it yet ...anyone got something to tell me ? 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday:
We went back to the Science Center on Mother's day this past weekend.  This is my best attempt at a family photo in the repeating mirror thing-a-ma-jingie..& yes I do believe that to be the scientific name for it !
 & here's a pic of us all in from the heat sensor camera ..yes I know that it's pretty funny looking

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

something for me

  I did something great today! I painted ! As someone that calls themselves an artist it was making me pretty glum that I hadn't picked up a paint brush since my daughter was born almost 2 years ago! This is partly my own fault for not finding time but, I'm so glad that I finally did!
I intend on doing it again & doing LOTS of it! It's so great that Saya is now totally into coloring & finger painting b/c I can sneak a few moments to make my own creation in there too! 
I can't even express how happy this made me !

Monday, May 10, 2010

the truth about my sleepless nights

TRUTH: I usually go to sleep between 3 & 4 am ..wake up at least half a dozen times during the night sometimes for an hour or more & then wake up at 10am!

WHY ???

On most nights my daughter goes to sleep about 12:30ish..I've read all the books & tried lots of different things..with the exception of letting her cry it out which I do not believe in! She always falls asleep nursing & doesn't want to be put down so, that too takes time..I'm often finally free for a few moments around 1-1:30 am..Time that I treasure as my own..well in between her waking up it is at least! Why don't I just go to bed then, you may be wondering? Well, honestly, most nights it's my only chance for a shower, or to catch up on the TV show that my husband doesn't like & I don't want to watch when LO is up . There's also the ease of getting a few things done around the house , taking some time online, & well honestly I don't look at bedtime the same anymore ! It is a job now! I don't get to just relax & rest easy ..I'm on edge wondering when LO is going to wake up again or when she will let go of the boob. She often thinks that my boob is an all night pacifier which obviously makes it hard to sleep! When I signed on to motherhood , I was braced for a few months of sleepless heck they seemed quite novel! I was not quite ready for a couple of years (almost 2!) I often wake up only w/ the aid of caffeine & even then I feel so sleep deprived that I don't dare to drive the family car b/c I don't feel safe. Social engagements are often missed b/c of a wonky nap/ sleep schedule & play dates are hard to make w/ an ever changing nap time & a varied wake up time ..sometimes she's up @ 6am ..ready to go, & others it's more like 11 can I plan anything like this? I'm not saying that I don't love my kid & every other hour of the day she is a dream..a well behaved toddler ( which I know is rare!) I wouldn't trade her for the world & she is the best thing to ever happen to me ..alas..I would like to sleep again soon...How long can a person function like this ?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day :the Saya way !

I'll admit that I'm totally the sentimental type! I'd much prefer a handmade gift to something expensive when given the choice 9 times out of ten! When Mason asked me what I wanted for Mother's day..I knew, that I wanted my budding artist to create me a masterpiece or two!
I cannot get enough of her art matter how messy it may's amazing to me! I went to the store & got a new stockpile of markers , finger paints, & a few 8X10 pre-stretched canvases . Tonight we gave Saya one of those & her choice of markers & let her loose..& what a creative frenzy she was awesome..She would work & then stop to look at her work & ponder..Something that I do often at the canvas myself! It was impressive to watch! We asked her a few times if she was done & when she declared her masterpiece finished I asked her to "sign her name" , which she did w/ a greenish yellow mark that you can see in the bottom right hand corner of the picture! It was very cool! I forgot to ask her to name her piece but, I'm sure that she'll be glad to do so in the morning! When we were all cleaned up I hung her work over the couch w/ pride ! When she saw that she was so excited that she jumped wildly on the couch for about a half hour giggling w/ glee..
I couldn't ask for a cooler kid or a better present :D I'm looking forward to her next creation .
Here is tonight's masterpiece..It's really pretty neat if you ask me, not that I'm at all biased or prejudiced in any way !

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wordless Wednesday

Humidity + Saya's hair = wild wavy curls that leave her looking like a forest child..but, oh so adorable : D

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the little things

When I was a little girl , I sat in this very chair a LOT! I remember rocking & reading, watching TV, and using it for my dolls later on. The last time that we were at my mother's house Saya seemed to notice it for the first time & was thrilled to have something in her size for a change! She took quite the shine to it & I have to say that it really kinda made me all warm & fuzzy inside to see it ! I was also forced to realize that I'm a stinking grown up now & that chair would be crushed underneath me like some sort of "Alice In Wonderland" sketch...what a bummer!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple Sunday

In our household Sunday isn't necessarily a day of rest. It's a day of family , friends & catching up on house work w/ an emphasis on family! I try to keep my computer use to a minimum & spend as much time w/ my awesome husband & sweet little girl as possible. I have decided that because of this I should keep any posts on Sunday simple..& "Simple Sunday" starts today!

SOooooooo..hop in the way back machine w/ me & enjoy..
I can't help looking at old pictures of Saya & just marveling at how much she's grown & changed . It simply blows my mind EVERY single time when I see how little she was or how chunky etc...These pictures are from way back when she was between one & two months old. The joy of that 1st real smile that we managed to catch on camera finally is totally priceless & I can never get over how cute she looks laying next to daddy as they snooze.
I'm sure that I'm not the only mama out there to do this sorta thing. I can never understand where this time has gone..alas it's been a lot of fun...I do my best to enjoy each day as the blessing that it truly is & look forward to all of the new adventures we have ahead of us...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday celebration

This past Friday was my mother's 61st birthday & with all of her recent health problems we opted for a small , healthy get together at her house this year. My sister, her 5 month old daughter Izzy, Saya & I all went out to the country to see her. Instead of going out for a meal like we would have in the past we brought all the fixings for a nice hearty salad. It was so yummy w/ all the organic veggies & the grilled chicken! After lunch we went outside to pick granny a nice bouquet of dandelions & ran about the huge yard. Saya was totally mesmerized by the mother cat & her 5 baby kittens & talked about them the rest of the day..In fact she is still talking about them!
Then we gave her our gifts. My sister & I went in on a month of Weight Watchers for my mother w/ the promise to pay for more if she goes & tries her best . Saya , of course took the cake w/ her awesome craft project! Knowing that my mother collects birdhouses , I've had Saya working on coloring one just for granny. She was so proud to give it to her & it now sits square in the middle of my mother's kitchen table.