Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day :the Saya way !

I'll admit that I'm totally the sentimental type! I'd much prefer a handmade gift to something expensive when given the choice 9 times out of ten! When Mason asked me what I wanted for Mother's day..I knew, that I wanted my budding artist to create me a masterpiece or two!
I cannot get enough of her art matter how messy it may's amazing to me! I went to the store & got a new stockpile of markers , finger paints, & a few 8X10 pre-stretched canvases . Tonight we gave Saya one of those & her choice of markers & let her loose..& what a creative frenzy she was awesome..She would work & then stop to look at her work & ponder..Something that I do often at the canvas myself! It was impressive to watch! We asked her a few times if she was done & when she declared her masterpiece finished I asked her to "sign her name" , which she did w/ a greenish yellow mark that you can see in the bottom right hand corner of the picture! It was very cool! I forgot to ask her to name her piece but, I'm sure that she'll be glad to do so in the morning! When we were all cleaned up I hung her work over the couch w/ pride ! When she saw that she was so excited that she jumped wildly on the couch for about a half hour giggling w/ glee..
I couldn't ask for a cooler kid or a better present :D I'm looking forward to her next creation .
Here is tonight's masterpiece..It's really pretty neat if you ask me, not that I'm at all biased or prejudiced in any way !

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