Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday celebration

This past Friday was my mother's 61st birthday & with all of her recent health problems we opted for a small , healthy get together at her house this year. My sister, her 5 month old daughter Izzy, Saya & I all went out to the country to see her. Instead of going out for a meal like we would have in the past we brought all the fixings for a nice hearty salad. It was so yummy w/ all the organic veggies & the grilled chicken! After lunch we went outside to pick granny a nice bouquet of dandelions & ran about the huge yard. Saya was totally mesmerized by the mother cat & her 5 baby kittens & talked about them the rest of the day..In fact she is still talking about them!
Then we gave her our gifts. My sister & I went in on a month of Weight Watchers for my mother w/ the promise to pay for more if she goes & tries her best . Saya , of course took the cake w/ her awesome craft project! Knowing that my mother collects birdhouses , I've had Saya working on coloring one just for granny. She was so proud to give it to her & it now sits square in the middle of my mother's kitchen table.


Robin said...

Sounds like a great Birthday! If that is your mom in the top pic, she sure looks good for 61! The birdhouse was a great idea and Saya did a perfect job coloring it too!

punk rock michelle said...

Thanks Robin ! That is actually a picture of my older sister (she's 36>) My mother wouldn't let me take her picture that day for w/e reason but you can see pics of her in this post
I'm loving that Saya is finally old enough to do arts & crafts w/'s awesome :D

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

Love the birdhouse idea! Very cute!

punk rock michelle said...

Thanks Holly :D