Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's that time of year again , you know the one where we as Americans celebrate our freedom . I've always found it odd to celebrate with a loud choreographed display of explosions . It always makes me think of the bloody & violent battles that so many died in .  I think of all the poor people living in war zones that must see no pretty lights but, hear repeated explosions. Maybe that's the idea.  I'm certainly no expert. 
     Last year we missed the fire works & we weren't too sure that Saya was ready yet anyway.  This year she was treated to a small fireworks show at the St. Anthony's festival  & LOVED it!  In fact, she was very upset when it ended & hasn't stopped asking to see more "sparklies" since then! In our area we have 3 different shows to choose from for the 4th of July . We intend on going to at least 2. Why shouldn't we , it's cheap family fun & Saya adores it! Last night was the 1st one & it was amazing!  You may notice that squeaky looks very upset in the first pic, that's b/c she was mad the show hadn't started yet . This girl loves her explosions what can I say? I was worried that it would be too loud but, she loved it & kept yelling "BOOM  BOOM BOOM SPARKLIES!" We even managed to catch her "war face" on camera in the pic where I'm holding her! She's too much sometimes!
  The parking lot was a mad house when we left , you know 3000 other cars is never a great thing . We just hung out in the car sang songs  & played .  She was so good ...but, she did keep asking for "more sparklies, PLEASE! " lol..I've got a surprise for her tonight ..more fire works & in the meantime she can keep practicing her newest word -pyrotechnics ! <3 
hope everyone has a safe & fun holiday :)


Photosnaps04 said...

Glad Miss Saya had a great time watching fireworks!! Love that she says Pyrotechnics! lol


punk rock michelle said...

thanks Robin! Hope your family had a good holiday too :D