Monday, July 12, 2010

3 freak outs & a wedding

                     What a weekend!  2 dear friends of ours got married on Saturday! Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner w/ practice at the church for all of the members of the wedding party . My sweet husband was in the wedding so we went along. I was really looking forward to it ! There were even other kids my LO's age there for her to play w/ !   I truly thought that it was going to be a fun night!   I was pretty much mistaken! Saya was excited to put on her pretty dress but, once we got there & we tried to go into the church itself she FREAKED out . It was bad! She kept yelling "go back to the car & make it go vroom vroom!"  She pretty much had a full on panic attack & I took her back outside to play in the grass & blow bubbles. Even that didn't keep her happy for long & before long she insisted that we go back to the car . I had no choice. I took her to the car & we colored pictures.   After the rehearsal was over we all went up the street to a really neat Scottish restaurant . Sadly Saya was still feeling out of sorts so I was sequestered to the "children's table" w/ her..someone had to take care of her & my hubby had wedding type drinking beer to attend to .  I tried to make the best of it , even though frankly I'm starved for adult interaction as it is !
                     The next day was the wedding itself & I was hoping for the best and thrilled for our friends. Mason had to leave early to ride in the limo w/ the rest of the wedding party.   After a long car ride squeaky & I finally arrive at the wedding & manage to find a parking space. I'm prepared for battle ..armed w/ coloring books, lollipops etc. I really wanted this to work.  As soon as the car stopped Saya started saying "go back, go back to the car & make it go vroom vroom!" *sigh* I put her in her stroller & proceeded . As soon as that church was in sight she started crying , yelling , screaming , & freaking out again ! I had told her that we would see daddy there b/c he was supposed to be out front greeting people. Too bad, the limo ran out of gas & the wedding party was still in the back so daddy was no place to be seen! I tried the lollipop. It didn't work. I tried giving her almost everything in my purse but , the yelling & crying didn't stop. We stood outside for a while before someone finally told me where I could find the groomsmen. I hoped that seeing daddy could at least stop the screams of "go see daddy!' Despite the glares from the mother of the groom & others I went around the back of the church w/ my screaming kid. She almost calmed down but, then they had to take pictures & we had to go back outside.   I wanted to cry too now! I really didn't want to miss this wedding . I tried for a while to convince her that it was ok to go in but ,instead she became the unofficial greeter at the wedding that just screamed at all the incoming guests & said "go back to the car &make it go vroom vroom!" & of course everyone there stared & whispered w/e they had to say!  I gave up sadly & took her for a walk & finally back to the car. :( I didn't want to ruin someone's wedding or torture my obviously freaked out child anymore.  So, here's some pictures of the ceremony from our car.. Saya colored & I tried my best not to be sad.   Thankfully from where we parked I could see the bridesmaids coming out the back of the church & knew when it was over.   I took squeaky to the front of the church w/ me to at least watch them come out which she was fairly ok w/ b/c everyone was blowing bubbles . She even got to get down & run around in the grass w/ her buddy .   We tried to take a nice family picture but, she wasn't having that either. *sigh*   The reception wasn't too terrible thankfully! We did get to sit w/ her friends & even though Mason had to be at the head table we managed to have some fun!  Once the dance floor opened up she tore that thing up w/ a vengeance !   Everyone loved her at the reception & she was back to her bubbly , happy self! thank goodness!   After all of the running around wildly though she tired out & after a few hours there she wanted to go back to the car for "milkies". She fell right asleep & the fun was over for me too..I wanted to stay & celebrate but, instead I had to pack it in & go home w/o my darling husband b/c he still had wedding stuff to do. I was sad to have missed so much of the celebration but, a mama has to make sacrifices for her child sometimes.  That's my story..I'm hoping we don't have any more weddings anytime soon , or at least any church weddings .


Making Macready's said...

I LOVE the last picture, just love it!!

punk rock michelle said...

Thanks so much! That one is my favorite too :)