Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the latest

My mother was released from the hospital today ! Thank goodness! They did a million tests on her & she is scheduled for a million more but, at least she is home! She has a ton of new drugs to take & a few diet restrictions. They still aren't sure of what exactly caused it but say that she was having Atrial fibrillation ..wikipedia says that "Atrial fibrillation is often asymptomatic, and is not in itself generally life-threatening, but may result in palpitations, fainting, chest pain, or congestive heart failure. People with AF usually have a significantly increased risk of stroke (up to 7 times that of the general population). Stroke risk increases during AF because blood may pool and form clots in the poorly contracting atria and especially in the left atrial appendage[5] The level of increased risk of stroke depends on the number of additional risk factors. If a person with AF has none, the risk of stroke is similar to that of the general population.[6] (LAA). However, many people with AF do have additional risk factors and AF is a leading cause of stroke.[7] "
Long story short ..she has a lot of changes to make..& we are all pulling for her! This is especially important b/c my father passed away about 6 years ago due to heart problems..He was waiting for a heart transplant & never got, PLEASE IF YOU AREN"T ALREADY AN ORGAN DONOR SIGN UP! My daughter will never know her grandfather, & my wonderful husband never got to meet him or vice versa ..I cried on my wedding day for several reasons of them being that my father would never see it..
alas..I digress

I don't want Saya to have no memories of her grandmother, or for that matter for my mother to miss out on her growing up! I'm going to try to help my mother work on a diet & exercise plan that is still safe for her & do my best to make more healthy changes in my own life so that Saya isn't sitting here in my shoes as a young woman wondering if her mother will be here. I hate to think of my own mortality but, it would kill me not to see her grow up into the amazing person that I know she will be..& I don't want her to do it w/o me...
Cross your fingers for all of us..pretty please!


Robin said...

Im glad to hear she was released and got to go home! Hopefully the changes in her life help her.

punk rock michelle said...

thanks Robin :D