Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a kid needs a granny

This afternoon my mother told me that she’d been having chest pain since yesterday..I asked her why in the hell she hadn’t called her Dr. & long story short ended up forcing her to go to the hospital..I wasn’t about to take no for an answer when a 60 year old woman w/ a # of health issues is having chest pain & shortness of breath ..They instantly admitted her & started running a million tests. They came back & said that it wasn’t a heart attack but possibly angina..or a blood clot in her heart…They are keeping her overnight for observation & to run a million more tests in the morning. She cried when they told her that..& I wanted to cry too. So, send prayers , happy thoughts , good vibes or whatever it is that you do her way please…if not for me, then do it for Saya..she needs her grandma!

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Dear Diary. said...

Hope shes ok, fingers crossed its easily treated xxx